Thursday, 7 June 2012

Leaving The Netherlands

Hi All
I just wanted to let you all know that the Pollock family is relocating back to New Zealand.  We have spent two wonderful years in The Netherlands and four years in Germany so we feel it is time to head back home.  Actully the word home doesn't fit very well as we will be setting up home in Auckland on the north shore and we have never lived there before so in a way it will be a whole new beginning.
We will be packing up here on the 20th June and then will have one last weekend with Jackie Jenkins and family before making our way back to New Zealand.
So Jennie can you send my June fabric to Jackie and I will hope to get it sewn while I am staying there and Lucy can you hold off sending me your fabric for July until I can give you an Auckland address. 
To start with we will be staying in a serviced apartment in Takapuna for four weeks and then we hope to move into a rental property in the Devonport area.
Thanks so much and I will keep blogging to let you know of our where abouts.  I do hope to get lots of quilting done while at the apartment so I am busy sorting projects out at the moment for what will get air freighted to New Zealand.


  1. Good luck, and will send block to Jackie for you, as per email you sent. What a house move, I don't envy you that one! Jennieq

  2. On the upside Catherine, we will be able to meet in person! Although I live on the other side of the bridge, the 'dark' side as my friend who lives in Milford says... not sure what she can possibly mean... =)

    At least you won't be coming back to snow, the South Island has had a large dumping of snow this week, my in-laws in Christchurch couldn't even get out of their driveway.

    Looking forward to meeting you, good luck with all the packing up and moving, hope it is not too stressful.


  3. Good luck with the move. I'm impressed that your quilting things are taking priority in your airfreight! If you need more stash you will have Cushla's in Devonport and then the wonderful All Things Patchwork that Jackie, Susan and I discovered out west. Well worth the visit as soon as you get a chance. I look forward to catching up. I'm already mentally plotting a quilting bee for the NZ contingent at our family beach house at Maraetai Beach - you, me, Susan and Lucy. Let me know the minute you are ready to escape for a few days. Everyone else very welcome of course!!!