Thursday, 26 July 2012


We are now living in temporary accomodation for three weeks while we try and find a rental property, this is proving more difficult than expected with few rentals available and what is available is small and over priced.  Hopefully something will sort its self out over the next few weeks.
I have never lived in Auckland before but for the past week it has rained heaps but then the sun comes and the temperatures are very mild which is great.  The boys keep asking are you sure this is winter.
I have nearly finished the circles, (sorry I have taken so long) I thought I could stitch on the plane but the light was so bad (the eye sight not much better) so am finishing it up now and will get it in the post early next week.
Lucy can you please send my July fabric to my niece at her business, the address is:
Edible Blooms, 13/6 Airborne Road, Rosedale 0632, Auckland
Thanks I see her often so I can easily get it from her.
The photos of the circles and Lucy block look fantastic so I am looking forward to getting my new (old) Featherlite out and stitching away.
I was in Devonport yesterday and found Cushlas Quilt shop and as per usual I could not get out the door without making a purchase, funny how quilt shops do this to you, I hope its not just me this happens too!!  They have lots of classes going and it seemed a very busy place as the classes are held above the shop, I think I could hang out down there very easily.
Happy quilting


  1. Hi Catherine, no worry about the delay, I probably won't be assembling the whole quilt until the autumn, making the most of the summer we have while it lasts. Hope you get your accommodation sorted and soon find somewhere to call home. Just about to watch the Olympic opening ceremony and hope the UK produces a good games. Best wishes, Jennie

  2. Glad you have all arrived safely after your holiday travels. Hope you can find somewhere soon and get settled.
    Have fun using your new Featherweight!

    Jackie x