Friday, 7 December 2012

Hope all the New Zealanders are safe and dry. We have seen the aftermath of the Auckland tornado on the TV.

Sorry for the delay on my sewing -lots of grandparent duties and trips to mothers!


  1. Hi Margaret,

    Yes, all good here. I didn't even notice the weather until someone came back from lunch all wet then I looked out the window and saw the lashing rain. Missed the hail stones though. The tornado wasn't in the city centre so we were lucky.


  2. Margaret, Yes all good in our part of NZ too. Have even had more nice days this summer than we had the whole of last summer. I've even got a bit of a tan from gardening and swimming. We are celebrating Russell's 50th with a party this weekend so very busy. First visitors arrive for it tonight, more tomorrow then the rest Sat. Merry Christmas, Joanne.