Monday, 12 August 2013

Susan and Joanne last week

Last week Susan came to stay Sunday - Friday.  We stitched flat out and did some good homestyle cooking. We both had so much we wanted to achieve. When one of us got tired the other pushed us to just finish x.
Susan was on a mission to get a Dr Who Tardis quilt together for Jason to take to Uni next year. Jason had found one someone had blogged about making online. We nutted out the dimensions and then she was off at a fast pace. We stopped for quick lunches outside because the weather was like the photo below all week:

Frostie and Marmite helped us...


Then there was a Tardis quilt top:

It took us ages to figure out the lettering but we got there in the end.
Jason's quilt was so cool and Devin liked it so I decided to make Devin one too.  He is also off to University next year. The week turned into a Tardis production line - not that I was going to start a new project as I have 8 others on the go plus my knitting - that's not including many UFO's! I so wish I didn't need 8 hours sleep a night.


Susan also hand tacked together her big bright Kaffe quilt, she pieced on our Maraetai beach trip, ready for hand quilting in a bright pink pearl 8 thread.
I pinned together my big orange "One Fabric" quilt and finished and pinned together my small Inner City (symposium winner) quilt. I want to hand quilt them both so I now have plenty to do. I'll practice my machine quilting on the Tardis on the Handy Quilter frame and domestic machine I have borrowed and have set up in the kids lounge. Bating for it arrived from today (cheaper than buying locally and Quilters Dream Cotton is not available here), so no excuses now.
There is nothing like attending a quilt exhibition and having a quilting buddy over to get you motivated. Keep quilting, Joanne.


  1. I've only come across the Dr. Who Tardis quilt recently. I love your version. Did you make up your own pattern?
    I love the idea of sewing for nearly a whole week with a friend. You both achieved a lot.

  2. Vreni, We more or less followed the version Jason found online. It had been sketched up on graph paper which made our life easier. Joanne.

  3. Susan, Joanna - wow what a fantastic quilt. Jason is a very lucky boy and what a cool quilt to take to uni. Hope that you to are ready to take orders!! You will both need a holiday soon after all this sewing.