Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A 100 Day Creative Challenge for you

Hi all, I have started a 100 Day Creative Challenge. I am working on 6" white blocks of fabric with the themes "green" and "circles". Two friends (organising and) doing it are 1. drawing shoes and 2. taking photos of road side trash each day.

I'm enjoying it so far - I started with something really basic to get me going - and hope to have a quilt by the end of it! If I last 100 days and add a big white border it will be a decent sized quilt.  Worst case a cushion or cat blanket! It's going to be a great way of just playing without having to stick to a pattern.

Anyone want to join in? The challenge is open to all. Lucy is going to start soon :).

Here are my day 1 and day 2 blocks:



  1. Love your first two blocks. I'm very tempted to join in, but the timing isn't working for me as I'm leaving for Switzerland in a couple of weeks for Christmas and New Year. But I'm looking forward to seeing how you are getting on. xx

  2. Joanne, this looks fun and interesting, but a block a day for a 100 days, if I didn't work full time I might have been tempted. Keep posting as it will be fun to see how this grows and how the final quilt turns out. Where did the idea come for ? Good luck, Wendy x