Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi Everyone! I have my pile of envelopes ready to post out tomorrow. I have used scraps of fabric from the stash so I don't expect a coordinated look. It was very hard to pick at random and not stick to favourites!.

Joanne your blocks will be included. Oh! How tempting is the thought of a quilting day maybe!!

Hope alls well with everyone.



  1. Margaret, Looking forward to recieving your fabrics and of course my blocks. I have 12 so far. They are up on the design wall and looking good so far. J.

  2. Hi Margaret, had my fabrics last week. It is amazing what we can pull from our stash when we put our minds to it. I am looking forward to making this block, it looks quite interesting. I have had all my blocks back, so hope to start putting my quilt together soon. Thank you all for doing a great job. Have finished baby quilt number 3, will post some pictures soon.

  3. Hi Margaret, I received your fabrics today. I am looking forward to doing another different block.
    Thanks Catherine