Monday, 22 October 2012

My quilt

Dear All

Firstly a very big thank you for all the wondeful blocks, and now my beautiful quilt.  I am thrilled to bits how it has turned out and a great keepsake of a really enjoyable time, being part of a quilting bee.

I am tying as the book suggests and also some wise words from Susan.  It is all coming together very well. The perfect way to spend some of my time whilst on holiday.  Unfortunatly it is back to work tormorrow!


  1. Wow! that looks fab Wendy, can't wait to see it at Christmas =)

  2. I am thrilled with it, and very pleased I have decided to tie it. Christmas will not be long enough!

  3. Wendy, it has worked really well and what a great reminder of your birthday. J x