Monday, 6 May 2013

It's been a while.

Hi all, I have been very slack in adding comments to our blog sorry. I do enjoy getting yours in my email inbox.

I'm currently at the Auckland airport filling in time before our flight to Santiago for 3 weeks as a tourist taking in Easter Island, Iguazu Fall, Lima and the inca trail out to Macchu Pichu.

I confess my group quilt has not moved. I have not achieved a lot of quilting time of late but have finished my 5 year hand pieced Inner City quilt in time to enter it in the biannual NZ quilt Symposium in July.  Have yet hear if it has been accepted. I have also finished my Crystallisation wall hanging started 2 years ago at the last symposium.

A few weeks ago I went to a class by Sarah Fielke. She was with Material Obsession in Sydney but she and Kathy Doughty have parted and Sarah is out on her own now. It was a great class.  We could choose to make any one of her quilts (she has two books plus the two material obsession books). I chose one with 696 flying geese so got very speedy at making them. I found some cool funky bird fabric to go with them. I hope to one day show the top together on this blog, along with my group quilt!

I also have a 21st quilt to make for a nephew by Sept. He wants rich dark blues and greens with a shot of rich reds. So that's got the colours sorted just need an idea for the design now!!!

A lady in my quilting group here has lent me all the bits for a Handi Quilter.  That is a frame you use with a domestic machine to quilt like it is a long arm quilter.  I just have to buy a 3m x 1m board to set it up on and I'll be away - sounds easy!  But how does one get a board that big from the DIY store to home? And there is no instruction book with the Handi quilter. But I'll get there and will be machine quilting to my hearts content before you know it - I HOPE. Its good for getting quilts on beds but my real love is still for hand quilted quilts. I'm keen to get going on hand quilting my big orange and black "One Block Hexagon" quilt. I'm going to use orange pearl 8 thread - a la Sarah Fielke. So much to do, so little time.

Well that's me, nothing to show but lots to tell.  Keep the blog entries going. It's lovely to see what everyone is up to.

Keep quilting, Joanne.


  1. Great to hear from you Joanne. Incidentally I'm giving away the newest of Sarah Fielke's book on my blog at the moment. Come and leave a comment for a chance to win it. I have taken Sarah's Crafty class and loved it. I can highly recommend it.
    Have a great trip; it sounds fantastic. Looking forward to lots of pix. xx

  2. have a great time ...where do you all find the time to do so many quilts. But I have been inspired and am just finishing the binding on a lodestar quilt I must have started at least 16 years ago!!!! will post a pic soon!

    Enjoy your travels

    Margaretxx PS warm AND sunny here today!

  3. Finger trouble....lonestar....!

  4. It sounds as if everybody is still very busy quilting and planning new projects. I continue to work on what is hopefully the last baby quilt, I will post a picture as soon as it is finished. Susan and I caught up last weekend over the Internet. We discussed all the quilts we really must finish and quickly moved on to the new projects we really wanted to make!!! The weather has at last started to warm up for us. Mark and I go to the Isles of Scilly on Monday, we will stay on Bryher with our friends. Not really a sewing holiday, more walking, eating and drinking! Have missed the blog, keep it up, it is lovely to hear about everybody's new projects and travels. I keep forgetting my password for this account, hence why I haven't posted for a while. Happy stitching Wendy x