Wednesday, 21 November 2012

December is on its Way

Hi All
Just wanted to let you all know that my December block fabric is on its way.  Susan is travelling to the UK via Singapore in mid December and so she is hand delivering Vreni's and then she is going to post Margaret's when she gets to the UK.  Susan has mentioned that Wendy, Jennie and Karen are going to have a day quilting together with Susan and she too has all your fabric so maybe you can all do my block together then.
Jackie, Liv and Jenny your fabric went in the post yesterday.
Susan, Joanne, Lucy and myself completed our blocks when we were at Maretai so I already have some completed blocks ready to go.
My block I have chosen is the wonky log cabin and it will be a beach theme with a centre block to start from.  I have had to send a reasonable amount of fabric so you can decide the placement, width and wonk of the strips that make up the crazy log cabin.
I have included all instructions but if you are unsure don't hesitate to e mail or we could all blog about it.
You may think this is early as you are still completing Vreni's block but we take ownership of our house tomorrow and move in on Monday and if I didn't get it out now it would be January before you would see it.
Have fun with it and make it crazy.
I also would like to thank you all for a fun year of quilting, it has really kept me motivated.
I also wat to wish you all an early Merry Christmas.
Here are pictures of a couple of blocks in the making and there are more photos included with the fabric.


  1. What a lovely choice of fabric Catherine, I look forward to receiving my packet via Susan which is the most exciting part, I really can't wait to see her. It doesn't seem possible that a year has almost past with the quilting bee, I really hope that those that want to will continue, it has been great fun each month to see what arrives in the post.

  2. Looks great Catherine. Hope the house move went well.