Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maraetai Quilt Weekend

The New Zealand quilters in the Around the World Quilt Group all got together at Joannes family beach house in Maraetai.  Joanne and Lucy drove up from the Hawkes Bay (6 hours) and Susan and I drove across from Auckland (1 hour).  We all arrived Friday afternoon and set ourselves up and were sewing shortly after.  Joanne was the only one that knew us all but with the language of quilting a common denominator we were very quick to become friends.
We all had our different projects going on and we also had some show and tell,  I also thought it a great opportunity to sew my December block with us all together which was great.  Fair to say after lots of sewing, good food and wine we have decided to do it all again and are at present finding another weekend in March/April to meet at Whangamata where we have a beach house.
I would also like to say a very big Thank You to Joanne for getting us all together.

Susan making her Kaffe Fasset quilt for her bed, looking good.
Susans show and tell
Lucy trimming her blocks of the month, sorry but I don't know how to rotate the picture!
Joanne sewing her one fabric quilt
Lunch outside on the deck
Machine quilting my Christmas wreath
Once we have a date set for our next quilting weekend we will post it and just maybe some of you would like to join us.


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! I'm glad you all had a good time and I notice you were sitting outside in t-shirts so the weather was good for you too. We are heading into winter here so a good time to sit under a quilt and get some hand stitching done. Love Jx

  3. GREEN with envy!! Especially as we had snow here on Saturday night!! I am off to a days Workshop on Saturday but don't think it will be as much fun as you obviously had.!!

  4. As you say Margaret, Green with envy!!!. Looks like a very productive and fun weekend. Susan I love the colours you are using. How is the block constructed, it looks very effective? No convergence quilts???? I will have to show you that technique at Christmas Susan and then you can share when you all meet again in the New Year. Wendy x

  5. Oh yes we had fun. Didn't want to go home but I had to for my next retreat 2 days later for 5 days. I continued sewing on my One Fabric Quilt and got it all together 10 minutes before packing up time, phew. I'll get a photo of it when Acacia is not around. It's a surprise for her for Christmas - I must get on and order the backing fabric from the US and book it in for long arm quilting. She is going flating at uni next year. Hope she likes it.
    Great photos thanks Susan. J.

  6. Oops I mean't "great photos thanks Catherine".