Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello All,

I hope this will work, sadly I see that I have not quite managed to hide the scorch mark on my ironing board!! I have taken your advice to make the block slightly larger and will post it out tomorrow-just making the February deadline-phew.
I am supposed to be making Roman blinds for Clare's (daughter) house but she keeps turning up with the three little ones in tow!Perhaps I could make an Easter cone,another project!

Hope the op is a success Jackie x

Looking forward to the next block.



  1. Margaret, You must have very good eyes to see a scorch mark! It looks great. Id rather an Easter cone than curtains!!!! J.

  2. That is, I'd rather MAKE an Easter cone than Roman curtains. J.

  3. The block looks lovely thank you Margaret. Roman blinds... that is quite a task to take on. Have you made them before? Clare is a very lucky girl.