Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My finished block

I had fun making this block. Just finished in the nick of time. I am a procrastinator. I received the fabric from Karen and am excited to make that one. Jackie -- good luck with your surgery. It is well worth it once you recover!!


  1. Fabulous! another lovely block, my quilt is going to be beautiful thanks to all of you!

    I am still trying to decide on the best way to remember who made which block. For now I have just pinned a piece of paper with each of your names on the blocks as the arrive, so they don't get mixed up. I am wondering about embroidering your names in a section of the white of each of your blocks, or alternatively put a label on the back of the quilt over each block with your names on. I am leaning towards embroidering your names on at this stage. Any other ideas?

  2. Another great block. Can't wait to see all your blocks together Susan. J.