Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My block is finished!

I made Susan's block at the weekend and put it in the post this afternoon.  I left plenty of width on the block so that you can centre it as you wish Susan.  Thanks Catherine for giving me a few tips on how to post this blog.  We are off to the snowy Tirolean mountains of Austria on Saturday so will take plenty of quilting with me for the evenings.  Jackie x


  1. It looks lovely Jackie! Have fun in the snow! There should be plenty of it!

  2. Lovely, super, thanks Jackie, can't wait to start assembling them all! I thought I would try to find a way to temporarily fix my sticking sheet to the wall so that I can play around with the blocks once I have them all back.

    Have a lovely weekend away Jackie and good you will get some time to quilt in the evenings!

  3. I have nearly finished mine-hope it will reach the required standard!! Enjoy the snow Jackie-Austria has had lots of it this winter!!