Friday, 18 May 2012

Jenny's Block

Today I also received Jenny's fabrics.  I just looked at the instruction and the fabrics (which I like very much, by the way) but I  have a question. The instruction say that the centre square should be 2.5 by 2.5 inches. On the other hand Jenny wrote that she's accurately cut the centre square which  measures 3.5 inches. Should we cut it back to 2.5 inches (or 3 inches including seam allowance). Please advice.

I hope everybody has a nice weekend to look forward to.


  1. Hi Vreni, I knew there would be some sort of confusion. On the block that I made I left the square the larger size. Thanks for checking. Sorry it's confusing. I got myself all confused.

  2. Thanks Jenny, so we do use the 3 1/2 inch centre square?

  3. Jenny, I made your block two days ago and now I've seen your comment. Sorry but I've cut the centre square to 2.5 inches before sewing.....this could turn into an interesting quilt!!? Jackie x

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