Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Try try try and try again!!!

Hi All. New fabric arrived today and I am keen to get started but first...
I have to confess that the red heart square nearly had me beaten. I decided to do something different and finally tonight on my 4th attempt ...It Worked!!!!  I am so sorry to hold you up Jackie but I really was determined to keep on trying until I got there. I will post tomorrow or the next day if it needs longer to dry! Lovely meeting you. Nice to put a face to a name I hear often! We will all have to meet in the middle one day with our quilts!!


  1. Hi Lucy, I'm sorry the heart has proved to be a problem but I'm really looking forwards to seeing what you have done. It was lovely to meet you also. Jackie

  2. Jackie, I saw Lucy's block yesterday and it is beautiful! Worth the 4 attempts getting it right. J.