Monday, 7 May 2012

New Log Cabin Block

Finally got everything in the mail today! I decided to try to make this block so I could see if it was too confusing. I don't think the block itself is hard but my instructions might be the confusing part! I really didn't want each block to end with the same colors so I changed up the instructions and split up who I sent it to. Good luck!


  1. That looks lovely Jenny, I can't wait to get my block to make for you!

  2. Great block! Should make a fantastic quilt.

  3. Love the fabrics Jenny, can't wait to see them in real life. J

  4. Jenny, Your fabrics have arrived and are neat. Really like the red spot center piece.
    I think the only challenge with the block will be for everyone tohave an accurate scant 1/4" seam so the blocks end up the same size.
    At a Marti Michelle lecture - with Catherine and Jackie in Birmingham - she told us how to check your 1/4". Accurately cut 3 1 1/2" short strips. Sew them together, press and measure the finished width of the middle strip. It should be EXACTLY 1" all the way along. Some machines are prone to swooping off at the end. If it is not exact, repeat the process adjusting how you judge your 1/4" as necessary. Marti said if she has not sewn for a few days she will retest herself before starting - I confess I don't go to this extreme but probably should retest at least once a year or so. Good luck, J.

  5. Jenny, fabrics have arrived in Cornwall today along with the Olymic flame!!!! My machine is out and ready to go, so look forward to completing this block. Going down into Bodmin tomorrow evening to watch the Olymic torch, very exciting.