Sunday, 13 May 2012

Monday morning again....

Why do Monday mornings come round so quickly??? I just want one more day of stitching to finish a border.

Yesterday was Mother's Day in NZ so I decided no cleaning, no popping into work for a few hours and no cooking or baking, just a day of doing what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, this meant I had to fit all those other things into Saturday, but it was worth it.

Apart from a quick visit to a local bakery for baguettes, caneles, French chocolate tart and some pastries I spent the day stitching and watching Audrey Hepburn movies! It was wonderful! Jason intermittently made me coffees and cups of tea to go with my bakery treats to keep me going.  My goal was to get on the home run with a border on my circles quilt. I am nearly there, hopefully next weekend I will be able to finish it. I have three projects to finish before I can carry on with my quilting bee quilt. One is completely finished, another just needs the last two sides of binding finished, which I plan to do this week, then there is just the circles one left. So I have set myself the goal of end of May to finish the lot.

I had a lovely chat with Wendy last night on Skype and saw one of the lovely baby quilts she is making for her work colleagues. Lucky people having Wendy as a friend. I then had a chat with my Mum and she was planning on doing some gardening as it was a beautiful day in Cornwall then making some more crochet blocks for a blanket she is making for my niece. Mum has two Mother's Days each year, the English one with my brother and sister and then the NZ one with me and as Dad went out fishing all day she also got to do whatever she wanted for the day. Although I have to say Dad has been helping Mum out with some of her patterns and threading the machine when she gets stuck as he is really good with his hands and making things... if he really gets into it we may see another Kaffe Fassett??? Ha Ha Ha, my son would have plenty to say about that if he catches Pop helping Nana with her quilting!

On that note, I better get moving and off to work.

Have a good week all of you.
Susan x

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  1. Susan, it was really good to chat and be able to share our quilts over the net. Rachel was thrilled with the baby quilt, so on with my OU studies, and then I must get on with the next baby quilt that I need to have ready by 1st August. I am waiting with anticipation for Jenny's envelope, can't wait to complete the next block.
    Have started my knitted fabric rug!!