Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Continuing with the Quilting Bee?

Hi All

As you are all aware Liv's block will be the final one for this round of the quilting bee.  I have had numerous queries regarding whether or not we will be continuing with the bee and if so, in what format.

At this stage Mum, aka Karen, will not be continuing after Liv's block but Wemdy may have a friend that would like to join instead. If any of you know of anyone else, let me know.

Please give some thought on how you would like to see the quilting bee next year and feel free to put your thoughts on the blog or email me with them.

Wendy and I recently discussed this and wondered about a scrappy quilt bee... For instance, I have a pattern which I send out, give an idea of colours then each of us makes a block in those colours from our scrap basket. This means we don't have to try and guess how much fabric to send everyone and we get a total surprise when we open our packages.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.



  1. Hi all, I am really looking forward to Liv's block - it seems so long since we made yours at the beach house Catherine.
    I am very keen to continue the bee. I have really enjoyed the year and have found it has motivated me to get on with some stitching.
    I have discussed with others ideas of how we could continue with a change to keep up the interest. One I like, that came from your 2012 block Vreni, is:
    Each work on our own "modern sampler" quilt through the year. Each member each month give the theme for that months block e.g. star, red, stripes, large scale, crazy... So you could work within your colour way/style for your quilt. Making blocks your preferred size and design, arty/modern/traditional with that months theme as a guide. I think it's success would rely on lots of blogging.
    There has been other ideas I liked too but it is this one that has stuck in my mind.
    I'm looking forward to other suggestions. J.

  2. Hi All, I have really enjoyed be part of the quilting bee and am looking forward to a further year, it has really been so enjoyable. I can't say I am interested in a sampler quilt, I already have one I need to put together. I was hoping it would continue in a similar theme, and as Susan mentioned, we talked about a scrap theme which I think would be a great way of keeping cost down and using up a small fraction of our stach. I like the idea of the advent calendar, but would be happy to do that in addition to the monthly turn. Unfortunately my friend cannot commit to the bee as she has an art exhibition she is preparing for, but if we should make it to a third year, she would love to join.

  3. I have also enjoyed the Bee and would be happy to continue so long as it doesn't become too onerous. Being a relative novice the level has stretched me and taken me out of my comfort zone, but I am not keen on trying the gifts and other bits and pieces as I am not at all creative, I can follow a patter but that is about it! I may have a friend in France who may be interested in joining if we are short of numbers. I will contact her and sound her out.

    I also like the idea of using scraps, or of not having to send all the surplus fabric back as that adds to the cost,

    Happy to go along with whatever is decided by those who actually know what they are doing!!

    Happy new year to everyone

  4. Susan, I forgot to thank you for the lovely colourful 'bit bag' you made and Wendy passed on to me. It was such a shame I couldn't join you as I have heard so much about you from Wendy. I will think of you when dropping my thread cuttings into the bag!! Best wishes
    Jennie x

  5. Hi Susan and all fellow quilting bees, if we are short of an extra participant my French pen friend wo has been quilting for years would love to join the Bee. Her English isn't brilliant but I am happy to do any translations required. If you can let me know if there is definitely a need for an extra participant I can let her know, happy sewing, xx