Sunday, 20 January 2013

Image function???

Has anyone else found that when you open the function to upload and image the "browse" is no longer there but a heap of other options that do not include uploading from your computer??

This is very frustrating as I have photo's to upload...


  1. I have read about this on other blogs, but it seems so far my settings have not changed yet. You could try to upload your pics first to Flickr and then upload them from there. I think that's how other people have dealt with the problem. Hope it works.

  2. Just tried it Susan and yes the Browse has gone. Only seem to be able to choose a file not a photo though part of this may be my lack of understanding windows 8 - the new computer was going to make my life easier but windows 8 and using a tablet instead of a laptop is making it a technical challenge. J.