Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hi from Holland....

I spent some time in England over the new year period and saw a couple of things that I thought I'd share with you.  The first were a pair of fabric trees on display in our local branch of the John Lewis department store...

The second thing was a gate made from an old singer sewing machine frame.....

now there's a novel idea for a garden gate!

Catherine, I have finally finished your blocks.  I'll get them in the post this week...

And on a final note... I have really enjoyed our quilting bee and blog.  I would definitely like to keep going with the blog in some way so that we are able to continue sharing our ideas, creations, photos,etc.  I agree that posting fabric around the world can be expensive but, I personally, have found it to be very inspiring and find it easier to work to a deadline if making a block for someone else.  It has given me the opportunity to try new blocks that I probably would never have done by myself.  I hope we will decide to continue in some form or another.

Jackie x


  1. Love the trees, what a novel idea. Jennie x

  2. Jackie thanks so much for the lovely blocks, you can send them back snail mail as I won't get a chance to do anything with them until March as I have heaps of work to do.
    I love the sewing machine gate, maybe I will have to look for one in an antique shop here, I suppose if the machine is no good they might not be too expensive.
    I hope you enjoyed your shopping at John Lewis, I really do miss that department store.
    We are still at the beach at Whangamata although Neil is back at work and Josh is at Uni but they come to the beach Fiday and go back Monday morning. I am off to the Aussie open tennis next week for a few days to celebrate a couple of friends 50th birthday so looking forward to that, and then I have to get some worl done.
    Has Alexander heard if he has a conditional place at Cambridge yet, a friend of Joshua's from Hamburg got his offer the other day.
    I hoep you are all well and not too cold.