Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I have loved the Bee and would be happy to continue but  agree about postage etc!! but all the ideas so far have reduced that_  I will go with the consensus. (I like Joannes idea) I may have  a friend who would join the bee but she is away for the next couple of days ...will ask her if we need extras!
I have one block missing from Jenny , I hope it isn't lost .....If it is a UFO thats fine ....I am in no hurry as Joanne will know I rarely finish anything!! Which is why the Bee is so good as I have completed things.
If we don't continue it would be nice to keep in touch.


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  1. My last 3 blocks are still unfinished. I got crazy busy the last quarter of the year. I hope to get them all done and out by the end of January. My New Year's Resolution!! I sent out emails to let everyone know but maybe you didn't see it or I sent it to the wrong address?! My sincere apologies!