Thursday, 8 March 2012


  1. Your block looks great Margaret.
    I was planning on creating something that's not in the book, I hope that's OK!

  2. Hi all, My understanding is any block goes, from the book or not from the book. I have 2 in mind at the moment, one in the book and one not. But plenty of time to decide for September. J.

    P.S. Marmite the cat has been back to the old house 3 times now. Hopefully he will stay put here this time! He is looking very trim for him. Were pleased it isn't the skinny one that's going back.

  3. Exactly right Joanne. You may choose any block you like in or out of the book, your choice entirely, the book really just gave us the idea of how to run the bee.

    I have just received the last block in my set so I can't wait until tomorrow to start laying them out and panning how to assemble them. I will keep you posted!

    I am also hoping to put together Mum's block this weekend... so watch this space.