Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter is just around the corner!

Hi All

As Easter is just around the corner and I will be in the Hawkes Bay with the Farmery's I decided to put my Easter tree up early. Thought you might like to see some of the fabric  eggs I made a couple of years ago.

Can you spot the one Jason made at Primary School???

I believe a few of you are off to Westpoint on a coach early on Saturday morning for the Quilt Show.  I think Mum said that Jennie is going as well as Wendy so Mum will be able to meet Jennie. Mum is going with her friend Val who is teaching her to use a sewing machine. She will be helping Mum choose a cutting mat, cutter and ruler while they are at the show, so she will be all set to go with Jackie's block.  Have fun ladies! Wish I was there too!!!

Hopefully, over time, more of us will be able to meet one another if we haven't already met. 

My quilt blocks are coming on. I have assembled them but don't want to put up a photo just yet as I have yellow paper tabs pinned all over it so that I don't forget who made which block. I did start to embroider Joanne's name (her block is the top right-hand one) last night but then the light faded so will do more today and tomorrow during the day.

Looking forward to some pics and a debrief about Westpoint from those who went.

Susan x

PS I know Mum is not blogging but Wendy email me if you are still not able to as I don't think I have seen anything from you yet, which is not a problem, just want to make sure you can if you want to. Susan


  1. They look great - I would love to know how to make a fabric egg! Jackie

  2. I will keep them out for your visit then you can see how easy it is... I have the patterns for the pictures somewhere too. Will find them for you also, but once you have the egg shape you can put on anything you like really. I thought I would make some for my niece for next Easter so that she can have her own Easter tree.

  3. Hi Susan, it was lovely to meet your Mum at the weekend. I was a Westpoint virgin, but no longer. MI've been well and truly indoctrinated. Wendy and her friend Mary made me keep buying fabric, and I managed to buy my fabrics for my quilt in June. My purse was considerably lighter on the way back!

    I was amazed at the sheer variety, creativity and skill in some of the quilts - well, most of them really. I was so proud of my two blocks and now realise what a novice I am..... As Wendy said, most of these have been quilting for years and I am two years in, so a long long way to go yet. Everyone there was so friendly and made me feel part of the clan - what a supportive group of people.

    Love you Easter trees. Best wishes to all friends in the Bee for a lovely Easter and here's looking and hoping for sunshine.

    Love jennie