Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Stack of Books quilt top is finished!

Hi All,
Here is my quilt top finished. I am taking it to Joanne's on Thursday and will begin the quilting there. I have no idea how I am going to quilt it yet but I am hoping for some inspiration while I am there.

I have taken an extra photo to show you a sample of the embroidering I did for each of your names.

I decided to put "by Jackie", "by Catherine" etc. as when I was telling Jason about it he said because they were meant to be books I should put "by...." which I thought was a nice idea.

Those are Jason's ankles in the photo...

I am going to be talking to Mum tonight to hear all about the trip to Westpoint. Hopefully it was a good day had by all.

Happy quilting!
Susan x


  1. It looks great. You must be pleased. It's really long as Jason is so tall now and we can only see his ankles!
    I don't think the weather is going to be much good this weekend so you should get plenty of quilting done. J.

  2. I love the final result, and the red fabrics are really well spaced amongst the others. Maybe you could quilt some titles on the books!? Jackie

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  4. It's looking great, Susan. And your son has good ideas, no doubt about it! Have fun at Joanne's over Easter.

  5. Fantastic. How lovely to see the first quilt top finished, love your idea of stitching all the names, x

  6. Susan, it looks great you obviously have been busy. Good luck with the quilting at Joannes.

  7. Susan
    Quilt looks amazing. It is so good to see the first quilt all sewen together, can't wait to see everybody elses.