Saturday, 17 March 2012

Finished block

Karen I finished one block which needs to be trimmed to 12 x 12  and had lots of your main fabric to make another block and so the one on the right in the photo still needs calico added down one or both sides but I will leave that to you to finish, I shall post it Monday.
I also thought I would share a photo of the Christmas wreath wall hanging that I have also just finished, a project that was a few months late but will need to be put away until later in the year to quilt as my many other projects await, like the baby quilt to make for my neighbour, I had better get started on this project as baby is due beginning of June.
As for the shoes that are not showing on my photo I will let you know I was wearing my woolly slippers as the days are still cool here, maybe next time I can show the tips of a nice summer sandal as we jump into spring, sorry New Zealand that you are falling back into autumn.!!
I also look forward to seeing what turns up in my letter box for April.


  1. Wow, the Christmas Wreath is super Catherine. Looks like lots and lots of little bits, which must mean lots and lots of work... You must be very pleased with it.

    The blocks you did for Mum are also lovely, she is going to take the plunge and put these together with a machine. Mum did say she would practise on some scraps first and her friend Val is going to help get her started as I am no help to her at all being on the other side of the world!

    Our summer is on the way out but we are all feeling a bit cheated this year as the summer hasn't been anything like it usually is. Hopefully that was a one off!!!


  2. Catherine, Your blocks are great and the Christmas wreath is great. Interesting how the red leaves appear to poke out into the background.
    It takes a lot of skill to get the tips of your shoes in your photos!
    Sadly yes, we have gone from Spring to Autumn this year. I am especially brassed off having just moved to our new house with a pool. Even though it is heated there have been very few days when we have felt like a swim. Looking forward to next summer's going to be a very long winter. J.