Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mum's blocks

Hi All, Here are my blocks for Mum, I also had enough to do two. However, the second one Mum, you will have to put a strip of Calico on the right hand side as the one there at the moment is not stitched on as it is too narrow, I was about an inch short. I thought about putting another strip of colour down the middle to make it enough but I didn't like the way it looked then so thought I should stop messing with it as you can add a 3 1/2 inch strip when you get it back. I thought I might of had a piece of Calico in my stash but didn't. Evne if I did they are often quite different if they come from a different bolt of fabric. Anyway, hope you like them. As Vreni said the colours in my blocks are also more virbrant in real life. The fabrics are super, can't wait to see the finished quilt!

I have planned my Easter break already, I am off to Joanne's for four days so thought I would take my blocks down with me and assemble them there. That gives me three weeks to embroider all your names somewhere on each of the blocks you sent me.

Am really looking forward to seeing a slender Marmite! Can't believe he has wondered back to the old house 3 times!!! Clever cat! 

It's been the perfect day for quilting today as it's raining on and off... the humidity is highish though... yuk! We had a family of Pukekos near the patio this morning, the babies were all fluffy and cute, but by the time we got the camera out they had run back into the bush and trees. Even thought I live only a 10 minute drive from Auckland City my home backs onto Newmarket Park so it's not at all like living near Shanghai City! We even have a Tui in the trees that sings from time to time.

I am off to practise my German with Jason now as I had a bit of a problem with the number of different ways you can tell the time in German, our teacher is going to test us in class this week so I best be prepared.

Enjoy your week all of you!
Susan x


  1. Like the blocks everyone has done, can't believe how different they all are even using the same fabric. I have come up to the Midlands to spend a week with Mum and my sons so have transported machine, cutting boards and all my sewing paraphernalia!

    We had a lovely spring day today with all the primroses and daffodils out in the Cornish lanes so a lovely drive (until the motorway at least!)

    Hope Marmite returns home soon, proper little adventurer isn't he.

    Best to all

  2. Jennie, That sounds like my kind of holiday - the car loaded with sewing gear! Enjoy. J.