Friday, 23 November 2012

Sorry Vreni, I am a little behind with your block but it will be on its way soon. The wonky log cabin looks very summery just what we need here -our local stream was a raging torrent on Wednesday and roads were closed.

Thank you Joanne and Lucy for my blocks and the gizmo J. That is going to be useful as we are layering a redwork(ish) quilt on Monday at the sewing group. I just have one more block to come and then i will put it together. I hope to add sashing in between but will have to try and get a close match as i don't have enough background fabric. The one I used I bought in Singapore so it must be at least 8 years old!!

Happy quilting everyone!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

December is on its Way

Hi All
Just wanted to let you all know that my December block fabric is on its way.  Susan is travelling to the UK via Singapore in mid December and so she is hand delivering Vreni's and then she is going to post Margaret's when she gets to the UK.  Susan has mentioned that Wendy, Jennie and Karen are going to have a day quilting together with Susan and she too has all your fabric so maybe you can all do my block together then.
Jackie, Liv and Jenny your fabric went in the post yesterday.
Susan, Joanne, Lucy and myself completed our blocks when we were at Maretai so I already have some completed blocks ready to go.
My block I have chosen is the wonky log cabin and it will be a beach theme with a centre block to start from.  I have had to send a reasonable amount of fabric so you can decide the placement, width and wonk of the strips that make up the crazy log cabin.
I have included all instructions but if you are unsure don't hesitate to e mail or we could all blog about it.
You may think this is early as you are still completing Vreni's block but we take ownership of our house tomorrow and move in on Monday and if I didn't get it out now it would be January before you would see it.
Have fun with it and make it crazy.
I also would like to thank you all for a fun year of quilting, it has really kept me motivated.
I also wat to wish you all an early Merry Christmas.
Here are pictures of a couple of blocks in the making and there are more photos included with the fabric.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vreni's Block from Susan

Hi Vreni
Thought I would send you a picture of the block I made for you. It looks rather boring now that I have seen Jackie and Catherine's but I must say I rather enjoyed making this. I didn't use a pattern or anything just saw a picure of a similar block on the internet and decided to give it a go. After the first square I wasn't sure whether to carry on as getting the points in just the right places to match perfectly was a bit worrying without proper measurements and dimensions. But I didn't have to unpick any of it so I am very happy. It is slightly bigger than you asked but I thought you could cut it down when you get it.  Am really looking forward to seeing you next month and will bring all the Kiwi blocks with me  =)
Susan x

Vreni's block for November.

Hi Vreni

I have just finished your block and it will be on its way to you soon.  I liked your choice of fabrics but, despite my large stash, couldn't find anything of my own to match in with them (maybe I need more fabric!).  Jackie x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thought you might like a taster of how the blocks will go together,whichever way I place them they look great!
Vreni I will start on your block today!


Vreni's blocks done

I have just made your block Vreni.  I just love your fabrics and the idea of making a block of any length. Is 37 inches long enough!

I've made it about 13" wide so you can trim it on arrival.  I'll take it up to Susan on Friday and she will bring it with her next month when she catches up with you in Singapore. I hope you like it. J.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vrenis Block

Vreni I had a lovely afternoon making your block and look forward to seeing how everyone else approaches it.
I have attached a photo and hope that you like it.  The idea I started off with is very different to the end result.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maraetai Quilt Weekend

The New Zealand quilters in the Around the World Quilt Group all got together at Joannes family beach house in Maraetai.  Joanne and Lucy drove up from the Hawkes Bay (6 hours) and Susan and I drove across from Auckland (1 hour).  We all arrived Friday afternoon and set ourselves up and were sewing shortly after.  Joanne was the only one that knew us all but with the language of quilting a common denominator we were very quick to become friends.
We all had our different projects going on and we also had some show and tell,  I also thought it a great opportunity to sew my December block with us all together which was great.  Fair to say after lots of sewing, good food and wine we have decided to do it all again and are at present finding another weekend in March/April to meet at Whangamata where we have a beach house.
I would also like to say a very big Thank You to Joanne for getting us all together.

Susan making her Kaffe Fasset quilt for her bed, looking good.
Susans show and tell
Lucy trimming her blocks of the month, sorry but I don't know how to rotate the picture!
Joanne sewing her one fabric quilt
Lunch outside on the deck
Machine quilting my Christmas wreath
Once we have a date set for our next quilting weekend we will post it and just maybe some of you would like to join us.