Monday, 25 June 2012

My block for Jennie

Hi Jennie

Here it is at last, I will put it in the mail for you today. I, like Jackie and Wendy, have also opted for blanket stitch as I am not as good as Mum and Vreni at needle turn.  I just hope it doesn't get too creased in the mail.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jennie's block

I have finished this month's block for Jennie.  I machine appliqu├ęd each circle with a blanket stitch.  It will be on its way to you tomorrow Jennie.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

OUTRAGE at the Post Office

So I went to the post office to post my completed red heart. I wasn't sure how much the postage would be so I asked the nice lady at the counter... Well, "whats in the envelope?' she asks. A sqare of fabric I say. That wil be $13.50!!!!! Are you Kidding????  If it contains a letter or a card it's a letter she says. If it contains anything else it's a parcel! After a heated argument (completely out of character for me!) she let me post it for $2.90. The moral of my story is - Don't ask - just post!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Just like Christmas!

I came back from vacation to find this in my mailbox. I was so excited!! I haven't had a chance to open all of them yet but wanted to share. Thanks!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jennie's first block

Visted Jennie this morning with my completed block.  Really enjoyed making this block for Jennie, even though I was the one that mucked up my first piece of fabric!!!  Jennie put the two blocks together. It was lovely to be able to see one of the quilting bee quilts in person as you got a real feel for the colour tones and how it might look once they are all sewn together.
I hope everybody is perhaps enjoying some warmer weather than us at the moment, middle of June and it is more like winter.  I do wish the sun would come back.  Some would say the perfect time to be getting on with lots of sewing, but I have no idea where today has disappered to!

The hearts come together....

I have finally got round to putting the heart blocks together.  I spend a long time trying to decide what to do and whether to incorporate another colour, but finally decided on keeping it red and white.  I'm quite pleased with the outcome.  I have pieced together all the different reds also for the backing.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Follow by email

You can find a new "Follow by email" gadget in the side bar. If you would like to get emails whenever someone posts, submit your email address there.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blog discovery - get updates by email

Something others may be interested in  - or maybe know already....
Susan, you know how I asked how could I get emails when  an update is made to the blog. Well I just found one way. Click on comments for a post and down the bottom in green there is a "Subscribe by email" you can click on. Seem to have to do it on every post.
Maybe someone, Vreni?, knows how to set this to happen for anything added anywhere in the whole blog? J.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Block size for June

Hi ladies, just in case you don't check emails regularly I should point out that the cream background fabric is very tight on size. Finished block should be 21 x 17' so cut to 21.5 x 17.5 For the 21.5 I only just managed to get 2 pieces across the fabric width, so you may not need to trim, or may even need to use the selvedge to get the right size. If you can leave them as near to 21" finished that will be great. I can always trim them all down a bit if they don't look right! Sorry for Ny confusion. Jennie

Saturday, 9 June 2012

June blocks in the post

Hi everyone, just to confirm I have put all blocks in the post this morning so hopefully should be with you fairly soon, depending of course where you are. Please be as creative as you wish within the instructions for the block. I have started my block today. Feel free to do as little or as much hand sewing as you wish! Jennie

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mason's Quilt

Mason was born 24th September 2011, the first of the baby quilts.  This was from the Nancy Halverson book, Winsom Baby.  Really enjoyed making this quilt and I hope my Godson spends many hours snuggling with it.

Jennie, thank you so much for explaining to me how to upload photographs to the blog, I suddenly feel part of the quilting bee!!! 

As you can all see the top one is for Karen's quilt and the heart for Jackie's.  I have enjoyed every block and look forward to the next envelope arriving each month, it is just such fun.

Like Jennie, I have enjoyed all the Jubilee celebrations that have been on the TV, unfortunatly I can't say I was sewing the whole time was sat viewing.

I have today got Jenny's log cabin block in the post and await my package from Jennie.

I look forward to sharing the baby quilts I have completed this year as soon as I can find them on my husbands account?
Best wishes

Queen's birthday

Hi everyone, reading the debate about the Queen's birthday, thought I'd clarify. Her actual birthday is 21 April and she also has an additional official birthday. The official birthday is usually early June and this year was on 4 June so that we had a really long weekend to celebrate her 60 years on the throne and her birthday . I don't think a lot of people who are at the concert at Buck Palace realisednitnwas her birthday as well, which is why some of them looked confused when some of the performers wished her Happy Birthday as well. I just enjoyed having four days off work!! Best wishes to all Jennie

Leaving The Netherlands

Hi All
I just wanted to let you all know that the Pollock family is relocating back to New Zealand.  We have spent two wonderful years in The Netherlands and four years in Germany so we feel it is time to head back home.  Actully the word home doesn't fit very well as we will be setting up home in Auckland on the north shore and we have never lived there before so in a way it will be a whole new beginning.
We will be packing up here on the 20th June and then will have one last weekend with Jackie Jenkins and family before making our way back to New Zealand.
So Jennie can you send my June fabric to Jackie and I will hope to get it sewn while I am staying there and Lucy can you hold off sending me your fabric for July until I can give you an Auckland address. 
To start with we will be staying in a serviced apartment in Takapuna for four weeks and then we hope to move into a rental property in the Devonport area.
Thanks so much and I will keep blogging to let you know of our where abouts.  I do hope to get lots of quilting done while at the apartment so I am busy sorting projects out at the moment for what will get air freighted to New Zealand.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Log cabin and June fabrics

Hi Jenny
Here is my first attempt at log cabin - hope it is OK for you.

For everyone else, just to let you  know that I have now cut all my fabrics and they are ready to send out to you - I just need the plasticised envelopes that I've ordered to arrive, then I can send them to you.  Hope you don't find my colour choices too startling!

Hope you are all well - as you will know we have had a lovely long weekend for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so I've been glued to the television for far too long!  Makes me proud to be British - we really do pageantry and celebrations like that so well.  Just a shame that the weather was rubbish - it is supposed to be June for goodness sake!

I've finally worked out that I can only upload photos if I do the blog on the laptop - not from my iPad, and doing it from the laptop seems quite easy!  Wish I'd realised that earlier........

Happy quilting!
Your block is on its way-sorry it is a little late!.  The jubilee celebrations are now over. We took part in a Big Lunch in the churchyard at Painswick, watched the Beacon across the valley...rather large so not sure what else burnt!!! We watched the rest on TV in front of the fire....cold and wet here again, so it is nice to sit and sew.

The hearts have worked really well Jackie,I am looking forward to the next block.

Monday, 4 June 2012

The remaining hearts.

Here is a photo of the remaining six hearts which you haven't yet seen on the blog.  My challenge now is to find a nice way of putting them all together... all suggestions welcome!

Top left = me, Top right = Liv, Mid left = Wendy, Mid right = Jennie
Botton left = Karen, Bottom right = Lucy

Its very cold here today, colder than last Christmas day and New Years day, according to the papers.  Roll on the summer holidays!

Bye for now
Jackie x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hi Jenny

I made your block this weekend and thought you might like to see if before I posted it. So, here it is...

Hope you all had a nice long weekend. We have had today off for the Queen's Birthday. The weather here has been lovely all weekend which has been great.

I just made Cornish Pasties for lunch in celebration of the Queen's Birthday. Gosh they were nice! if they didn't have so much fat in them from the pastry I would make them every week.

Susan xx