Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Blocks

Hello Ladies
Here are the blocks I've received back so far. Isn't it looking great? I'm immensely pleased with how they all turned out. 

I've made a few more blocks to make the quilt a bit bigger. 

Happy Birthday Joanne! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday celebration.

Vreni x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Image function???

Has anyone else found that when you open the function to upload and image the "browse" is no longer there but a heap of other options that do not include uploading from your computer??

This is very frustrating as I have photo's to upload...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Catherine's blocks...

are on their way to New Zealand. 
Vreni x

Hi from Holland....

I spent some time in England over the new year period and saw a couple of things that I thought I'd share with you.  The first were a pair of fabric trees on display in our local branch of the John Lewis department store...

The second thing was a gate made from an old singer sewing machine frame.....

now there's a novel idea for a garden gate!

Catherine, I have finally finished your blocks.  I'll get them in the post this week...

And on a final note... I have really enjoyed our quilting bee and blog.  I would definitely like to keep going with the blog in some way so that we are able to continue sharing our ideas, creations, photos,etc.  I agree that posting fabric around the world can be expensive but, I personally, have found it to be very inspiring and find it easier to work to a deadline if making a block for someone else.  It has given me the opportunity to try new blocks that I probably would never have done by myself.  I hope we will decide to continue in some form or another.

Jackie x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I have loved the Bee and would be happy to continue but  agree about postage etc!! but all the ideas so far have reduced that_  I will go with the consensus. (I like Joannes idea) I may have  a friend who would join the bee but she is away for the next couple of days ...will ask her if we need extras!
I have one block missing from Jenny , I hope it isn't lost .....If it is a UFO thats fine ....I am in no hurry as Joanne will know I rarely finish anything!! Which is why the Bee is so good as I have completed things.
If we don't continue it would be nice to keep in touch.


.... in response to Susan and Joanne

To be honest, I am not too keen in doing the bee again, if we keep it the same format. I shudder to think of how much money combined we forked out for postage; it must be hundreds of dollars/pounds. I think Joanne's suggestion would work. It's a bit like a BOM, only that each of us is in charge of finding a theme for one of the blocks.

I would also love to do a "Secret Santa" where we each make something for one of the members. I've seen something similar here:
This lady has organised it for a few years already and it seems very successful.

Something else I've seen in another blog and is to have an Advent calendar. The idea is that we would each make two small gifts for everybody. That means each one of us would have to make two times eleven small gifts. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but we have the whole year to work on it. That way every day in December (until Christmas) we would have a small gift to open.

Looking forward to hearing what other ideas you ladies have.

Vreni x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Continuing with the Quilting Bee?

Hi All

As you are all aware Liv's block will be the final one for this round of the quilting bee.  I have had numerous queries regarding whether or not we will be continuing with the bee and if so, in what format.

At this stage Mum, aka Karen, will not be continuing after Liv's block but Wemdy may have a friend that would like to join instead. If any of you know of anyone else, let me know.

Please give some thought on how you would like to see the quilting bee next year and feel free to put your thoughts on the blog or email me with them.

Wendy and I recently discussed this and wondered about a scrappy quilt bee... For instance, I have a pattern which I send out, give an idea of colours then each of us makes a block in those colours from our scrap basket. This means we don't have to try and guess how much fabric to send everyone and we get a total surprise when we open our packages.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

At last! The final 2 blocks which are long overdue -sorry! They will be posted out on Monday. Happy New Year to everyone ..hope you all had a good Christmas. sewing with beach fabrics was uplifting after all the rain and I did feel for our Cornwall friends. Very envious of a Lanhydrock visit ,we had some very nice scones in front of a log fire a couple of years ago.

Have so enjoyed the bee has motivated me again!

Love to allx