Sunday, 30 December 2012

Streching our legs after all the sewing!

After two days of sewing and a break in the weather we took the opportunity to go for a good walk at a local National Trust property, Lanhydrock house and Respryn woods. 
Here are a few photo's of the house and when visiting the shop the beautiful Christmas tree that is always in the main foyer.

Quilting bee day in Cornwall, Saturday 29th December

Vreni, this block has had me thinking for quite a few weeks.  My apologies for not getting it made sooner, but I have been busy making gifts for Christmas.  I have included some bow tie blocks which I hope you will like, but the rest I made up as it grew.
Vreni, the completed block.  I hope you will like it?
Whilst I was making Vreni's quilt Susan started on a baby quilt for a friend at her work.  She says those of you who went on the Korean quilt fabric buying trips will recognise the fabrics!
Here is the finished quilt top.  I will definatley be using some of the other quilt patterns from the book I leant to Susan, they go together so quickly and use very busy fabrics that you wouldn't always think to use together.  Quick and easy quilts for kids by Connie Ewbank.

A day in Cornwall making Catherine's block

Susan and I had an excellent day on Friday 28th December making the last set of blocks for Catherine.  Unfortunately Jennie and Karen were not able to join us, although they were very missed we still  had a fun day.  My friend Mary came over and joined us for lunch and an afternoon of quilting.
This was about half way through getting the blocks to 18 inches!
And here are the finished blocks. ( Karen completed her's the day before with Susan.)  Catherine, here is a close up of my block.  This quilt is going to look amazing in your beach house.  The sunny beach fabric certainly brightened up a very cold, wet and damp December day in Bodmin, Cornwall.  Good choice for a December block Catherine!!!
This is Mary with her quilt.  Mary and I went on a workshop to make a quilt using a jelly roll about 4 years ago.  Like all good quilters, just getting around to finishing another UFO.  The colours in this quilt are amazing.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi All
It is Christmas Eve here and we have just had the internet connected up at our beach house today so we feel a bit more in touch with the rest of the world again.  We thought we would get a head start on the summer holiday by spending a few days before Christmas at the beach but unforunately we have had high winds and rain thanks to the tail end of Cyclone Evan that did a lot of damage to Samoa and Fiji.
I hope you all manage a little sewing time over your busy holidays and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
I am looking forward to seeing what arrives back in my letter box later in January.  Can you all note the change of address that I included with my fabric, this is different to the original address sent out at the beginning of the round the world quilting bee.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Having a lovely time with Susan, we even had a few minutes to sew a little bit.
Susan & Vreni xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Ladies,  A quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Havelock North New Zealand. I hope you all have a nice day with family or friends be it white, wet, windy or warm. I'm hoping for just warm! I had my family Christmas get together last weekend.  Russell's family are coming to us on Christmas day. But this Saturday we are finally (6 months later) celebrating Russell's 50th with our NZ friends at an 80's party here at our house.  The first visitors arrive tonight, more tomorrow and Sat. In July we celebrated with overseas friends in Thailand in a joint event with Jackie's husband, Pete, who is a great mate and turned 50 the day before Russell.
Susan and friends - have a great quilting bee together. You'll have fun making Catherines block like we did.
Merry Christmas, Joanne.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Hope all the New Zealanders are safe and dry. We have seen the aftermath of the Auckland tornado on the TV.

Sorry for the delay on my sewing -lots of grandparent duties and trips to mothers!