Sunday, 30 December 2012

Streching our legs after all the sewing!

After two days of sewing and a break in the weather we took the opportunity to go for a good walk at a local National Trust property, Lanhydrock house and Respryn woods. 
Here are a few photo's of the house and when visiting the shop the beautiful Christmas tree that is always in the main foyer.

Quilting bee day in Cornwall, Saturday 29th December

Vreni, this block has had me thinking for quite a few weeks.  My apologies for not getting it made sooner, but I have been busy making gifts for Christmas.  I have included some bow tie blocks which I hope you will like, but the rest I made up as it grew.
Vreni, the completed block.  I hope you will like it?
Whilst I was making Vreni's quilt Susan started on a baby quilt for a friend at her work.  She says those of you who went on the Korean quilt fabric buying trips will recognise the fabrics!
Here is the finished quilt top.  I will definatley be using some of the other quilt patterns from the book I leant to Susan, they go together so quickly and use very busy fabrics that you wouldn't always think to use together.  Quick and easy quilts for kids by Connie Ewbank.

A day in Cornwall making Catherine's block

Susan and I had an excellent day on Friday 28th December making the last set of blocks for Catherine.  Unfortunately Jennie and Karen were not able to join us, although they were very missed we still  had a fun day.  My friend Mary came over and joined us for lunch and an afternoon of quilting.
This was about half way through getting the blocks to 18 inches!
And here are the finished blocks. ( Karen completed her's the day before with Susan.)  Catherine, here is a close up of my block.  This quilt is going to look amazing in your beach house.  The sunny beach fabric certainly brightened up a very cold, wet and damp December day in Bodmin, Cornwall.  Good choice for a December block Catherine!!!
This is Mary with her quilt.  Mary and I went on a workshop to make a quilt using a jelly roll about 4 years ago.  Like all good quilters, just getting around to finishing another UFO.  The colours in this quilt are amazing.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi All
It is Christmas Eve here and we have just had the internet connected up at our beach house today so we feel a bit more in touch with the rest of the world again.  We thought we would get a head start on the summer holiday by spending a few days before Christmas at the beach but unforunately we have had high winds and rain thanks to the tail end of Cyclone Evan that did a lot of damage to Samoa and Fiji.
I hope you all manage a little sewing time over your busy holidays and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
I am looking forward to seeing what arrives back in my letter box later in January.  Can you all note the change of address that I included with my fabric, this is different to the original address sent out at the beginning of the round the world quilting bee.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Having a lovely time with Susan, we even had a few minutes to sew a little bit.
Susan & Vreni xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Ladies,  A quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Havelock North New Zealand. I hope you all have a nice day with family or friends be it white, wet, windy or warm. I'm hoping for just warm! I had my family Christmas get together last weekend.  Russell's family are coming to us on Christmas day. But this Saturday we are finally (6 months later) celebrating Russell's 50th with our NZ friends at an 80's party here at our house.  The first visitors arrive tonight, more tomorrow and Sat. In July we celebrated with overseas friends in Thailand in a joint event with Jackie's husband, Pete, who is a great mate and turned 50 the day before Russell.
Susan and friends - have a great quilting bee together. You'll have fun making Catherines block like we did.
Merry Christmas, Joanne.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Hope all the New Zealanders are safe and dry. We have seen the aftermath of the Auckland tornado on the TV.

Sorry for the delay on my sewing -lots of grandparent duties and trips to mothers!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Sorry Vreni, I am a little behind with your block but it will be on its way soon. The wonky log cabin looks very summery just what we need here -our local stream was a raging torrent on Wednesday and roads were closed.

Thank you Joanne and Lucy for my blocks and the gizmo J. That is going to be useful as we are layering a redwork(ish) quilt on Monday at the sewing group. I just have one more block to come and then i will put it together. I hope to add sashing in between but will have to try and get a close match as i don't have enough background fabric. The one I used I bought in Singapore so it must be at least 8 years old!!

Happy quilting everyone!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

December is on its Way

Hi All
Just wanted to let you all know that my December block fabric is on its way.  Susan is travelling to the UK via Singapore in mid December and so she is hand delivering Vreni's and then she is going to post Margaret's when she gets to the UK.  Susan has mentioned that Wendy, Jennie and Karen are going to have a day quilting together with Susan and she too has all your fabric so maybe you can all do my block together then.
Jackie, Liv and Jenny your fabric went in the post yesterday.
Susan, Joanne, Lucy and myself completed our blocks when we were at Maretai so I already have some completed blocks ready to go.
My block I have chosen is the wonky log cabin and it will be a beach theme with a centre block to start from.  I have had to send a reasonable amount of fabric so you can decide the placement, width and wonk of the strips that make up the crazy log cabin.
I have included all instructions but if you are unsure don't hesitate to e mail or we could all blog about it.
You may think this is early as you are still completing Vreni's block but we take ownership of our house tomorrow and move in on Monday and if I didn't get it out now it would be January before you would see it.
Have fun with it and make it crazy.
I also would like to thank you all for a fun year of quilting, it has really kept me motivated.
I also wat to wish you all an early Merry Christmas.
Here are pictures of a couple of blocks in the making and there are more photos included with the fabric.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vreni's Block from Susan

Hi Vreni
Thought I would send you a picture of the block I made for you. It looks rather boring now that I have seen Jackie and Catherine's but I must say I rather enjoyed making this. I didn't use a pattern or anything just saw a picure of a similar block on the internet and decided to give it a go. After the first square I wasn't sure whether to carry on as getting the points in just the right places to match perfectly was a bit worrying without proper measurements and dimensions. But I didn't have to unpick any of it so I am very happy. It is slightly bigger than you asked but I thought you could cut it down when you get it.  Am really looking forward to seeing you next month and will bring all the Kiwi blocks with me  =)
Susan x

Vreni's block for November.

Hi Vreni

I have just finished your block and it will be on its way to you soon.  I liked your choice of fabrics but, despite my large stash, couldn't find anything of my own to match in with them (maybe I need more fabric!).  Jackie x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thought you might like a taster of how the blocks will go together,whichever way I place them they look great!
Vreni I will start on your block today!


Vreni's blocks done

I have just made your block Vreni.  I just love your fabrics and the idea of making a block of any length. Is 37 inches long enough!

I've made it about 13" wide so you can trim it on arrival.  I'll take it up to Susan on Friday and she will bring it with her next month when she catches up with you in Singapore. I hope you like it. J.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vrenis Block

Vreni I had a lovely afternoon making your block and look forward to seeing how everyone else approaches it.
I have attached a photo and hope that you like it.  The idea I started off with is very different to the end result.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maraetai Quilt Weekend

The New Zealand quilters in the Around the World Quilt Group all got together at Joannes family beach house in Maraetai.  Joanne and Lucy drove up from the Hawkes Bay (6 hours) and Susan and I drove across from Auckland (1 hour).  We all arrived Friday afternoon and set ourselves up and were sewing shortly after.  Joanne was the only one that knew us all but with the language of quilting a common denominator we were very quick to become friends.
We all had our different projects going on and we also had some show and tell,  I also thought it a great opportunity to sew my December block with us all together which was great.  Fair to say after lots of sewing, good food and wine we have decided to do it all again and are at present finding another weekend in March/April to meet at Whangamata where we have a beach house.
I would also like to say a very big Thank You to Joanne for getting us all together.

Susan making her Kaffe Fasset quilt for her bed, looking good.
Susans show and tell
Lucy trimming her blocks of the month, sorry but I don't know how to rotate the picture!
Joanne sewing her one fabric quilt
Lunch outside on the deck
Machine quilting my Christmas wreath
Once we have a date set for our next quilting weekend we will post it and just maybe some of you would like to join us.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Margarets Block

Hi I just finished Margarets block today and really enjoyed fitting all the pieces together, just like a jigsaw puzzle.  I will get it into the post tomorrow.
This weekend I am away with Joanne, Susan and Lucy so watch this space next week as I am sure we will have photos to add of our fun quilting weekend.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

September blocks on display wall

Hi again,  I'm thrilled with how my blocks are looking, thank you all.  Just Vreni's to add and then I'll make more and figure out the final design - though I MUST finish my Crystallisation wall hanging first - it was to be done 8 months ago when we moved into our new house but I procrastinated over the quilting.
The fabric parcel I sent to Vreni did not arrive so I sent a second lot which did get through just before Vreni went off the Nepal - lucky you Vreni!!!
The Yellow fabric with orange spots certainly stands out!

Nov 2 is finally nearly here - Susan, Catherine, Lucy and I will be busy as bees from Friday afternoon to Monday morning - yippee. Look for photos on the blog next week. J.

Block for Margaret

Hi all,  Margaret I've made your block and a few littlies with the scraps.  I'll post it with Lucy's when she is done. A fasinating technique getting the littlies together into a block. I kept seeming to have to add another strip of white then another and another. I think it is something that would improve with practice. I also think I needed to be braver like Wendy and make my center pieces and white strips more varied in size. I love the finished quilt in the book so it will be added to the long list of things I'd like to make in the future. J.

p.s. Margaret, sorry the dark blue patch middle left is crooked. I like to be accurate so I'm not sure what went wrong.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Margaret's block

Hi Margaret
This block did not turn out how I was anticipating, but a really interesting way of using up scrap fabric .  I really loved the finished quilt and was tempted to use for my block.  Now my quilt is in one piece, your block is pieced and cakes have been baked for my Husband to take on a charity event he is taking part in tomorrow, it is time to think about returning to work.  I know what I would really like to be doing, but if I don't work, I will not be able to buy any more fabric.

A virtual cake for you!!  Happy quilting.
Best wishes

Convergence quilt

Jennie and I went on a course over 12 months ago.  Excellent teacher and a great use of 4 fat 1/4's. 

Joanne's blocks

Really look forward to seeing this quilt completed Joanne

Noah's quilt

This is the quilt I made for Noah and Layla.  Two girls that I work with.  Just waiting to start a quilt for my boss who is due in November.  Hopefully that will be the last of the babies for this year.

My quilt

Dear All

Firstly a very big thank you for all the wondeful blocks, and now my beautiful quilt.  I am thrilled to bits how it has turned out and a great keepsake of a really enjoyable time, being part of a quilting bee.

I am tying as the book suggests and also some wise words from Susan.  It is all coming together very well. The perfect way to spend some of my time whilst on holiday.  Unfortunatly it is back to work tormorrow!

Monday, 15 October 2012


Your quilting must be lovely as your hand sewing is so neat! Size doesn't matter about this confetti block as it is easy to fill in.

We are off to Yorkshire today and it is usually a few degrees colder,so am getting out the winter woolies,we have already had frosts here.

Happy sewing all!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

I have already received two super blocks ......thank you Jackie and Wendy. I am really pleased with the effect. I need to sew my own now!

Have a good weekend


Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi Everyone! I have my pile of envelopes ready to post out tomorrow. I have used scraps of fabric from the stash so I don't expect a coordinated look. It was very hard to pick at random and not stick to favourites!.

Joanne your blocks will be included. Oh! How tempting is the thought of a quilting day maybe!!

Hope alls well with everyone.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Zealander Sewing weekend

Hi all,  Anyone free the weekend of 2 November?  Come and join the 4 New Zealanders for a quilting retreat just south east of Auckland at a beach house with a 180 degree view of the sea and islands. We will collect you from the Auckland International Airport (provide a sewing machine cutting board etc) and if possible keep you for longer to do some sight seeing around New Zealand.  Any takers? (Vreni - it's a direct flight from Singapore to Auckland!!!) Anxiously waiting responses, Joanne.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

At long last

Wendy above are the two blocks that will be in the post tomorrow.  My apologies for the lateness in completion of the blocks but only yesterday I received some items from our container and I got most of my sewing things.

Lucy tonight I finished your two blocks, I just love the colors you chose but I had nothing in my stash to complement what you sent so didn't add anything new in. 

Now I hope to get started on Joannes tomorrow.  Watch this space.

I hven't managed to get much quilting done since our arrival in New Zealand as house hunting and job hunting have been more of a priority.  I can't say either has been very successful yet but lets hope that will change.

Happy quilting

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hello Joanne, That was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I still have time to do some more sewing!.These just need a quick press and I will then have to find a post office as ours is still closed.We are all getting a bit concerned that there is a bigger picture and we might lose it. I have already demonstrated against our library closing.....! Trying very hard not to be a grumpy old lady.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Hi all

Hi to you all from Stanley Point, Auckland.
I wanted to let you know I have a new address 15 Second Avenue, Stanley Point, Auckland 0624, New Zealand
Today I received Joannes fabric for her block and yes I have still got Lucy's and Wendy's to complete as well.  On Monday I get my sewing things from our container so hopefully by next weekend they should all be finished and back in the post, fingers crossed.  My apologies if I am holding anyone up.
We are off to look at a few open homes this weekend but as yet we have not found anything to buy but we are enjoying our rental property that looks out onto Auckland Harbour. 
All the family have had the flu over the last ten days and Ryan had a trip to North Shore hospital from school aftering cutting his leg quite badly and receiving twelve stitches, never a dull moment.  Hopefully life will start to settle down here as we start to enjoy our spring weather.
Hopefully next time I post I will have some photos of some nice completed blocks to add.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September block in the post.

Ladies,  I have posted the September blocks  with the exception of yours Catherine - what address shall I send to?

They use a quick and easy slash and sew technique. Email or blog any questions.

Enjoy! Joanne.

Friday, 31 August 2012

I need your vote, please!

Voting is in progress

I've entered another quilt of mine into the Quilter's Gallery's Weekly Themed Quilt Contest.  This week's contest is all about "Trees, Leaves and Flowers". Go here and take a look.

"Marianne's Garden"

It is one of my all time favorite quilts and I'm always happy to see it again when I go back to Switzerland where it is living with my dear friend Marianne. I'm still planning to make another one, one day!

Vreni x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Two things worried me about this block! One was that the material was very precious,so it was scary to cut and the second was that I am so old now.....oh to be 40!!!
I loved the material such soft colours,they would work well in my bedroom!.
I went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last week ,next year I will stay, as a day just wasn't long enough to see everything and to shop!! As always with shows you return home inspired!  I was very restrained on the shopping side as I must use the stash..but came away with gold foil,markal paint sticks, titanium needles and solufleece  ,all new to me but I am going to have a play and probably end up with a few more UFOs!!

Really enjoying the Bee!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wendy's blocks made

Lucy and I have had a lovely afternoon cutting and stitching your blocks Wendy. It is going to be such a pretty quilt!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

August block

Ladies, please don't think I have forgotten that it is my turn this month!  I will be posting my fabric out soon.  I have been on holiday this week and I  hadn't realised that it would be August during my leave.  I hope you all enjoy the fabric that I have chosen.  This quilt will be very special to me, as I bought the fabric with a voucher I was given by the ladies I sew with for my 40th Birthday last year, and now I am using these fabrics for my Quilting Bee quilt.

Lucy, I will return your blocks in with my package to you. Happy sewing

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lucy's blocks underway - at last.

I'm enjoying playing with Lucy's fabrics with a couple of mine added. Just as well I don't need to allow postage time! Joanne.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Jennie's Block

Finally finished! I love the purples. I'm not very good at the stitching so it was harder than I thought for me. Now that my kids have returned to school I will get to the next block. Hopefully it won't take an extra month!

Lucy's blocks

Hello everyone, well the British weather has reverted to type and yet again we have showers!  Heyho, we just have to make the most of it.

I did Lucy's two blocks (above)at the weekend and really enjoyed making them in between watching the Olympics  Will get them in the post later this week.  Lucy, I loved the colour combinations, particularly the green/yellow one, which is unusual for me as they are not colours I would normally gravitate to.  Hope you are happy with them

best wishes

Thursday, 26 July 2012


We are now living in temporary accomodation for three weeks while we try and find a rental property, this is proving more difficult than expected with few rentals available and what is available is small and over priced.  Hopefully something will sort its self out over the next few weeks.
I have never lived in Auckland before but for the past week it has rained heaps but then the sun comes and the temperatures are very mild which is great.  The boys keep asking are you sure this is winter.
I have nearly finished the circles, (sorry I have taken so long) I thought I could stitch on the plane but the light was so bad (the eye sight not much better) so am finishing it up now and will get it in the post early next week.
Lucy can you please send my July fabric to my niece at her business, the address is:
Edible Blooms, 13/6 Airborne Road, Rosedale 0632, Auckland
Thanks I see her often so I can easily get it from her.
The photos of the circles and Lucy block look fantastic so I am looking forward to getting my new (old) Featherlite out and stitching away.
I was in Devonport yesterday and found Cushlas Quilt shop and as per usual I could not get out the door without making a purchase, funny how quilt shops do this to you, I hope its not just me this happens too!!  They have lots of classes going and it seemed a very busy place as the classes are held above the shop, I think I could hang out down there very easily.
Happy quilting

Monday, 23 July 2012

Very exciting...arrived home to find Vrenis' beautiful blocks in the mail! Thank you so much - I think they are wonderful. Then came on the site and saw the photos - Really pleased with how they look!!! Belisimo!!

Lucy's Block

Hi Lucy
Will be putting these into the mail on Wednesday, hope you like them.
I loved the colours you chose and rather fancy having a go at making one myself!