Thursday, 28 February 2013

January Beach Blocks

Hi All
Thank you all so much for the lovely Beach Blocks that I received in the post.  Talking about the post isn't it lovely to be able to open the mail box and get a thrill to see a small package of either fabric or a completed block, thank you.
As yet I have not had the time to join all the blocks up but I have laid them on the floor and photographed them for you all to see, they aren't in their right place yet either as I can see some that don't look right side by side.  I intend to sash between the blocks with a dark/bright blue if there is such a colour, so keep watching and maybe after Easter I will have this done. 
Easter for that matter is not far away but we are still basking in lots of sunshine here which I love but many a farmer in New Zealand is not happy about due to the very dry land, no doubt when it does rain it won't stop.
I hope this brightens you up a bit in the northern hemisphere and I am sure your days already are starting to get longer and all the spring bulbs will be starting to flower, I really do miss that time of the year in Europe where everything comes alive again.
Happy sewing

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Looks like the UK isn't the only place that is cold...we saw the snow in Arizona on the TV! Did you build any snowmen Jenny? Thank you for my block and the notebook is fun to get these little parcels!

Liv I have posted off your heart today and so comes the end of our Bee. My blocks are laid out on the floor and I am really pleased as you can put each block in any position and it works!

Hope everyone is well and Joanne is recovering from the party!!!