Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Catching Up

Hi,  I have had several visitors so have not been keeping up with the blog since Susan was here. I have had great fun catching up on all the news.
What a hard act to follow with Jackie's heart block! Just love what you have all done. I have to get a wriggle on as she will be here soon! Yippee.
Your Chicken door stops are cute Jackie. Beats my cubes!
I've not had a great deal of time for stitching just lately but the knitted fabric door mat has progressed, though still has about 8" to go, have to cut more fabric.
Marmite has been back to the old house 11 times now. He is getting more sneeky about being brought home. This last time took 3 days and several trips before we coaxed him out and whisked him into the cage. He is now booked into a cattery on Saturday for 3 weeks. Just have to try and keep him home until then. They are full at the moment as it is school holidays here. Hopefully it will cure him. If not I will be putting flyers in letter boxes around our old house asking for a new owner.
Enough catching up on email - off to sit in front of the fire and hand quilt now.
Happy stitching. J.

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