Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter greetings

I am so impressed with how industrious you all have been. I had lots of good intentions but have had a sewing free weekend so far. It is lovely to see the photos you have uploaded as it brings it all to life, it is so nice to put faces to names. Unfortunately my IT skills aren't quite that good so I will restrict myself to messages. I was going to do Jackie's block this holiday but got distracted as the weather has been better than expected, so had two days out - one in Dartmouth and one driving over Dartmoor, seeing the Dartmoor ponies, quite a few with foals. Today is wet, but I got involved in watching Phantom of the Opera on TV, so no sewing yet! When I went with the other ladies to the exhibition at Westpoint in Exeter I was reassured that all quilters seem to have lots of UFOs, so I don't feel so bad that I have not finished all my projects. Love the T quilt that you are doing, that must represent many hours of work but looks superb. Back to work tomorrow unfortunately so no sewing this week! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Jennie

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