Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Hi all,

Susan and I thought you would like to see what we have been up to for the last few days...

This is us relaxing on the terrace. I am busily knitting more of my rug and Susan is quilting a quilt top she made at Wendy's a couple of years ago.  Susan has finished quilting circles in the main part of the quilt and has only the border to do now. It's beautiful!

This is my son, Devin, showing how much my rug has grown. Unfortunately, I need to cut more strips from my stash. These rugs use lots more fabric than I was expecting!

Aren't these little chickens cute? They were so quick to make and make a lovely little gift for Easter. I made these in no time at all. Wish handquilting was this quick!!!

Here I am finishing putting the last of the blocks together for my 'One Fabric Quilt'. I learnt this technique at the Queenstown Symposium last year. I am currently handquilting the one I started at the symposium so will post a photo of this when I have finished. I loved the class so much I have since taught it to others including Jackie who whipped one up when I visited her last year.

This is 'Frostie' my non-wandering cat enjoying Susan's quilt. Marmite has disappeared on his tenth trip back to our old house. We are expecting a call any day now from our old neighbours to say that he has turned up again.  We were hoping he would have grown tired of all that walking but no, he's getting trimmer and fitter with every journey! Susan has now started quilting around the books so they are popping out.

Susan helped me baste together this quilt, Inner City, that has been a long time in the making as I started it a few years ago after being inspired by my Shanghai quilt group. Each 'T' shape has 6 pieces to it and they are all hand pieced. It's been my handbag project so been worked on around the world. It's a bit big to take out now, about 2m square.

So all in all a very productive weekend. And Russell got lots of water blasting done today too. We have both had a problem with our jeans shrinking over the weekend - or was it too much good food and wine! Including Chocolate Hot Cross Buns Jason made for us, yum.

So what have you all been up to. We want to hear about it and see photos if possible.

We're looking forward to more quilting adventures when Jackie arrives on the 24th. We have 2 nights in Auckland with Susan. Sadly the 25th is ANZAC day, a public holiday - what a panic when we discovered this. But have phoned the 4 quilt shops in the area and 1 will be open in the afternoon and another will open for us if we spend - what a shame! Cant wait.

Looking forward to the arrival of Jackie's fabrics this week. Rumour has it the UK ones have started to arrive.

Happy quilting, Joanne and Susan.


  1. How nice to "see" both of you. Good to know that you are enjoying a few days together. Love the little chicks you've made and everything else you are working on. I remember the quilt you started in Shanghai, Joanne. And our Korea trip came to my mind when reading about the public holiday when Jackie is in town. It seems there's always a way to shop for fabric, no matter what ;). xx

  2. It's nice to see you ladies enjoying the Easter weekend! Your Inner City quilt looks great Joanne - I've seen it many times in small pieces but now it's together it looks stunning. Looking forwards to seeing you both in two weeks time! Jx

  3. Where do you find the time ? AND why don't you look any older Joanne!!! Yes jackie's fabrics have arrived and my sewing room floor is covered in books as I try to find some ideas.Am intrigued by the one fabric quilt. I am putting the borders on a quilt which is using up fabric I had in HK-i am so slow When i have recovered from a weekend with the little ones I will post a photo (son-in law is a photographer so he might do some airbrushing for me!!!

    Now pouring down,snow before that and summer the week before!!

    Great to see you a llx Margaret

  4. It looks like you both had a lovely Easter quilting. Our family went to Krakow in Poland for five days, it was a realy history trip, great for the boys to see this before we return to New Zealand. We had snow one day so its nice to get back to The Netherlands to enjoy the spring.
    I am busy sewing the top of a baby quilt for my neighbour and will post a photo when I get it finished and I am also pondering Jackies block.

  5. Susan, very envious of you both sitting crafting. It is great to see you finishing the quilt we had fun making together. That was the Sunday afternoon we thought all our prayers have been answered because Cowslip Workshop was open. We just had to go because we didn't have enough fabric to make the quilts with!!!!

    Joanna, your inner city quilt looks amazing and I so love the chicks, would you be able to share the pattern?

    Have had great fun making Jackie's block.