Friday, 13 April 2012

Jackie's Block

Hi all,

I am back in Auckland and back at work... which is ok but it means limited time for stitching. Also, our clocks have changed, so by the time I have made dinner and cleared up afterwards the light has long gone outside.  I will have to get myself organised and have colours and patterns decided and picked at the weekend as I find the artificial light distorts colours too much.

I am having a dilema with Jackie's block as I am swinging between two different blocks.  I absolutely love the whole idea of what Jackie has chosen.  I can't wait to see what the rest of you are going to come up with. I may make both of my ideas and see how they look afterwards. Luckily the white backing fabric Jackie sent must have been from her Korean stash as I have the same one, some of you would have used it in my Stack of Books block. 

Jason and I are going to the Jersey Boys show this afternoon. He was lucky enough to see it with his Dad in London last year and when he heard the show was coming here really wanted to go again. At least I will get to see it this time too!

Some exciting news for me this week, I had a letter from the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants confirming my admittance into the College of Chartered Accountants. So I can now call myself a Chartered Accountant, or Susan Brettschneider CA.  There will be a ceremony held in the next month or so where all new CAs will be awarded their certificates, can't wait! it has been a long and at times tough road, but I got there! Now time to enjoy my hobbies again.

Have a good weekend all,
Susan x


  1. Congratulations Susan! You've worked very hard and it's well deserved. Have fun at the Jersey Boys show (although I have no idea what or who they are ;) and enjoy a relaxing weekend. xx

  2. Thank you Vreni. Jersey Boys is a stage show about the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, a band from the 60s. Just got back, it was really good, but lots and lots and lots of LOUD singing =)

  3. Susan, so proud of you, enjoy the ceremony, all your hard worked has paid off, and even better, you can start to enjoy all the things you put on hold for all those year - go girl.

    Enjoy Jersey Boys

  4. Susan, how do I up load photo's????

  5. HI Wendy,
    When you start a 'new post' there is a bar at the top of where you wirte with a variety of actions, one of these is a small square that looks like it has a picture of some blue sky and mountains, if you hover over it it with your icon it will show up the words 'insert image' so click on that square and then browse your computer to find your image and insert like you would in an email.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Congratulations on becoming a chartered accountant.
    I wish I was in NZ to see Jersey Boys, when we were in London at New Year we went to We Will Rock You (Music from Queen) and it was fantastic.