Monday, 29 February 2016

Confetti !

It has taken a while but I have finished my quilt and love it ,so thank you for all your blocks!You can see how slow I am by the sight of the unfinished Christmas quilt! I have discovered 505 spray and it has speeded up the layering .

Good wishes to all my quilting friends.


  1. Margaret, What a stunning quilt!!!!! I loved the block and I love the finished quilt. Well done you. I finally finished the top of mine recently and have the backing made ready but just need a "roundtoit" moment to get the layers together and get on with quilting it.

  2. Very contemporary, I love the simplicity. I am also just finishing my "Round the World Quilt" this week. The binding is on and it just needs sewing in place. I've not heard of 505 spray, will have to look into it.
    Hope you are well! xx